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Garinger High – 2015-10-23

Me: … so N is equal to 64 … Anyone here ever play N64? Student: Yeah, I played Mario Kart. I’m pretty good Me: Oh yeah? I don’t think so! I’ll own you! Student: Nah, no way!… Me: Bring it

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Be killing sin or it will be killing you

Be killing sin or it will be killing you. Mortifying sin has been one of the most excruciating processes for me. There are no shortcuts. It takes a ton of time and patience. I’ve failed too many times to count.

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Garinger High – 2015-10-04

Sometimes the most devilish things you witness in this world are inconspicuous. I make it a point to shake hands with every student that walks into my classroom. I greet over 100 students in my 3 block rosters each and

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