Helpful Links – Darien Gap – Drive to South America – Shipping to Cartagena

Crossing the Darien Gap – Esmeraldas, Ecuador Travel Blog – Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica to Guayanquil, Ecuador

South American Explorers – Panama City, Panama to Manta, Ecuador

Dave Thompson – Mostly for motorcyclists, but good overview for everyone

Glenn’s South American Oddssy – Panama to Colombia

Project Allende: June 2004 Archives – scroll down to the section labelled “Mind the Gap”

Diary of a Journey down the Pan-American Highway

The Silk Route Motorcaravan Network – Panama to Colombia. Kept a great record of the shipping companies they contacted.

Traveling by Car from Detroit to Buenos Aires – Panama to Colombia (Scroll down to section labeled: The Mama of All Border Crossings)

Expedition Calendar – Panama to Venezuela (2005)

Overland in a VW Camper (Westfalia) through Mexico, Central America, South America, and Africa – is also a good compilation of people sharing their own experiences with shipping their car to South America.